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Our Year Round Crew

You couldn’t ask for a more friendly, hospitable team to host your time at Alaska’s best lodge. These people really care about your experience and they love what they’re doing. Captain Mac has a staff of 30 clean-cut, eager-to-please people who are carefully handpicked, and who share his service philosophy and love for Alaska.

The best lodge crew is in the office, and ready to answer your calls or emails.

Once you have booked your trip with the lodge, contact Karen Sue our year round crew member on the travel side (see bio below) for your travel arrangements.

Select a Crew Member to Learn About Our Incredible Staff

Captain Mac

Captain Mac

— Owner and Captain of the Island Lady

Larry, or “Captain Mac” as he is known around the Lodge, grew up in a coastal Canadian fishing community and started working on commercial fishing trollers in his early teens. He attended the Canadian Naval Academy and spent several years at sea as a carrier pilot.

After leaving the Navy, he joined United Airlines and while waiting to start training at United, served a stint as a helicopter bush pilot in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. In the mid ’70s, while still at United, he established one of the largest charter fishing operations in Westport, Washington.

During the ’80s, Captain Mac was able to realize his lifelong dream when he acquired Sportsman’s Cove Lodge. Since that time, while continuing his flying career at United based in Anchorage, Captain Mac has steadily improved and expanded the Lodge, bringing it up to the level of excellence we all enjoy today. Captain Mac just recently retired after 34 years at United and is able to devote even more time to the Lodge he loves.

Click HERE for Captain Mac’s blog.

Patty Seaman

Patty Seaman

— General Manager

Patty is from the coast of Washington; so moving to Ketchikan meant she just needed to get a better quality of rain gear. She spent 10 years in the commercial razor clam industry in Alaska. At the Lodge she is the General Manager, but her full time job is to keep Captain Mac on task. She enjoys the opportunity to get out and fish whenever possible.

Jim Shoemaker

Jim Shoemaker

— Operations Manager

Jim “Shoe” Shoemaker is our Operations Manager. Shoe is a 50+ year resident of Alaska and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organization. As a prior owner in a marine tug and barge operation, and as our prior banker and one of our business consultants for the last 7 years it is a great fit. And as our guest at the lodge, Shoe has demonstrated his love of fishing. He is the proud recipient of 16 “Largest catch of the Day Cups” but also a past winner of the” Largest King” of the year at Sportsman Cove Lodge.

Jeanette Woods

Jeanette Woods

— Office Manager / Bookkeeper

I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. When I finished school I moved to Washington to be close to my Dad. I was always a “Daddy’s Girl.” I grew up with a fishing pole in my hand. Every family vacation involved fishing or hunting.

My first “real” job was working for Alaska Magazine in Edmonds, Washington. I saw pictures of Alaska long before my first trip here and always wanted to make the trip. It is one of the very special places in the world.

In 1974 I began working for the Washington Department of Corrections at the Corrections Center in Shelton. I transferred to McNeil Island in 1981 where I fell in love with my future husband. I then transferred to the Reformatory in Monroe and married my husband Michael. Miss Patty asked me to come to work for her at the Lodge. I had been here five or six times as a guest and loved every minute of it, so I decided to jump on board and enjoy it for the whole season instead of three or four days. I never get tired of looking out the window and watching the wild life. The other day I watched a bear walk down the shoreline across the cove and then a family of otter came slinking out of the woods next to the ramp and scampered into the water. “What a life!!!!”

We have travelled around the United States twice. I have seen many wonderful sights and met many kinds of people. But I can honestly say, “Alaska is the most beautiful state I have been in.” Sure, Hawaii has beautiful beaches, Arizona has the Grand Canyon, but Alaska is like an undiscovered piece of nature. I love it here. I am so fortunate to be working at the Lodge and hope to be here for a long time.

Denise Bryant

Denise Bryant

— Administrator

Denise Bryant has lived in the NW all her life enjoying hunting and fishing from childhood. In 1987 she embarked on an adventure to a remote Logging Camp located in South East Alaska with her husband and three small children. Whale watching, fishing, hunting, and chasing off the bear became everyday life. Her greatest love of SE Alaska was catching fish, now she is excited about helping others enjoy a fulfilled Alaskan adventure.

Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor

— In-House Travel Advisor

Linda grew up in the once-famous fishing community of Westport, on the outer coast of Washington State. In the mornings she recalls “sacking bait” in the local bait store while her father was out fishing as a charter boat captain.

Linda has over twenty years of experience as a travel agent and was handpicked over a decade ago as our travel representative because of her attention to detail. Linda’s Alaska travel experience has given her the knowledge to save you time and prevent mishaps. She has negotiated for lower hotel rates in Ketchikan and works hard at making sure you get the lowest possible airfare. She can also customize additional tours or cruises before or after your trip to Sportsman’s Cove Lodge. And when your travel plans change unexpectedly, Linda is at your fingertips to assist you.

Click HERE for Linda’s Travel Agency.

Please call 1-800-849-4015 or you can email her at

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