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Welcome to “Alaska’s Best Lodge” ~ Sportsman’s Cove Lodge ~

Every lodge in Alaska has great fishing and awesome natural beauty. So what makes Sportsman’s Cove Lodge stand out from the rest? Several things, all revolving around our experience and our service-based business philosophies. Join us for your opportunity to meet some great new friends. experience the beauty of Alaska and catch some fish in a very comfortable surroundings.

If you’re looking to check out our fishing in more detail, stop into our Facebook page and view our seasonal catches. Click here to take a tour of our page. And while your there, remember to LIKE US!

At Sportsman’s Cove Lodge, we take great pride in our handpicked Lodge team. Our very rigorous recruiting, hiring and training process takes longer to complete than the seasonal work period itself. It stresses our philosophy of Service, Service, Service, and instills a sense of ownership and pride in all who work here. Every team member in our organization “gets” that message. You will arrive as a guest, but leave as our friend……

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Our Accommodations

All of our reservations at Sportsman’s Cove Lodge are booked on a double occupancy basis. The views are breathtaking. You’re perched among the towering evergreens, eye-level with the eagles, looking down on the tranquil waters of the Cove.

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World Class Sport Fishing

What kind of fish can you catch? Well, there’s King (Chinook) Salmon, Coho (Silver) Salmon, Halibut, Chum (Dog) Salmon, Pink (Humpy) Salmon, Ling Cod, Yellow-eye, and our personal favorite, the True Cod!

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Our Pre-Trip Guidelines

We’ve provided you with everything you need to help you plan for your dream fishing vacation; everything from Packing Suggestions to our Sample Itinerary. And don’t forget to check out our Downloadable Documents.

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