Still Healthy and Not too Senile…

Captain Mac  To Our Treasured Guests,

It is an old axiom that everything is for sale if the right buyer comes along. Such has been the case with the Lodge for at least the past 15 years. There have even been some serious inquiries during that time, including one corporate group. Looming economic issues in 2008 made them reconsider.

I am in my mid-seventies now, still healthy and not too senile and there are lots of things left that Miss Patty and I would like to do, including spending time with seven grandchildren before they disappear over the horizon in search of their dreams and aspirations. And of course there’s the Show Girl…and the airplane!

Owning a top-rated lodge in Alaska, going fishing every day, and rubbing elbows with some of the greatest people on the planet is the best job in the world, and an enviable life-style. But it’s time to get serious about some of the other things in life before it is too late.

In the past we have hesitated to openly advertise the sale of the Lodge or even list it with realtors for fear of making our loyal and cherished guests nervous. It was always our hope that a like-minded investor would come along that would ensure a seamless transition, so the Lodge could continue on just as it always has and one day several years later someone would look up and say, “What ever happened to Captain Mac and Miss Patty?” Finding that buyer is still our goal, but the passive phase, waiting for that buyer to show up, is changing.

And, there’s another reason for bringing you into the loop: You know who we are. You are aware of  our business philosophies and how we operate. Our guests are successful people. You may know someone, or some entity that would be interested in the Lodge that would appreciate and carry on our traditions of Service and our quest for excellence. By all means, let them know what is going on, and let them know about the good people at Hilco Real Estate.


In the meantime I wouldn’t get too excited about any differences in the operation in the foreseeable future. Nothing is going to affect the Lodge for the near future, and I envision a transition period of at least another year. I fully expect that all of us will be here for a season following any sale. Even after that, Miss Patty and I will not be far away. We’ll be over at our little float-house in the back channel, keeping an eye on things and being handy for the new owners if they should need us.

So…now you know what’s going on if you see the ads. Don’t worry. We are not going anywhere anytime soon and the hope is always that we will find a buyer that appreciates the Lodge the way we all do.  I will continue to Blog Alaska!

See you in the summer,

Captain Mac and Miss PattyAlaska's Best Lodge

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