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What to Expect: Departing Ketchikan

Everything you need to know about Hotels, Airports, and Your Fish when you’re all done with your trip with us.

Leaving the Lodge and/or Leaving Ketchikan

You will depart Sportsman’s Cove Lodge the evening of your last day of fishing. The floatplane will pick you and your fish up around 4:30 p.m. If you are departing Ketchikan that evening, you will be delivered to the airport dock for immediate check-in and departure. If you are spending the night in Ketchikan, the floatplane will deliver you to the Ketchikan “waterfront” terminal where a hotel courtesy van or taxi will take you to your hotel.

If you are staying overnight in Ketchikan, your fish will be stored free of charge in our airport freezer. Fish boxes will be delivered to the airport terminal for pick up 2 hours before your departing flight.

What To Do With Your Fish

Dock Crew in Aprons

We prepare, vacuum-pack and freeze your fish. We add a layer of foil bubble wrap as extra insulation in our waxed boxes. For shipping we include frozen gel-packs. The boxes are fastened with nylon banding straps for shipping. Each fish box should weigh slightly less than 50 pounds and will be labeled with your name, address, phone number and flight number. Aero Services will make your fish boxes available to you at the airport terminal 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Don’t Want to Worry About Your Fish?

FedEx them home! Let us know and we will arrange to have your fish sent directly from the Lodge to your home via FedEx. (Extra charges apply)

Long Layover in Seattle?

If you have a layover that is in excess of 3 hours or you are spending the night, we recommend checking your fish only as far as Seattle. Upon arriving in Seattle, claim your fish boxes from baggage claim and store them at “Baggage Storage by Smarte Carte”. They are located just a few steps from Alaska Airlines Baggage Claim — between carousel 12 & 13. Baggage Storage by Smarte Carte: Pricing: Dry storage and frozen/refrigerated storage fees are based on size and are charged for every 24-hour period the item is stored. Typically, storage costs $8 – $22 . To contact them call 206-433-5333.




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