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We want to hear about it! You can share your experience by filling out the form on our contact page. We can't guarantee everyone's experience will be featured on the Sportsman's Cove website, however, if selected, we will let you know!Sharing your great experience here may be the deciding factor for someone else!

Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Felt extremely welcome!

— Norm C. ~ Aberdeen, WA

Thank you for a wonderful fishing experience. We had a great time. My daughter, Stephanie said she could fill the Lodge with Las Vegas friends!

— Lisa J. ~ Olympia, WA

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and think your Lodge runs like a well-oiled machine. Everything was already taken care of before we even knew what we needed. We will be absolutely looking forward to coming back and recruiting people to come with us. Excellent Alaskan fishing adventure. (Smiley Face)

— Ken & Stephanie H. ~ Las Vegas, NV

We want to thank you and the staff at the Lodge for such a well run “ship”. We are looking forward to a return in 2016.

— Jim F. ~ Sioux City, IA

Anytime my wife and daughter (who aren’t fishermen), want to come back again, something special is happening. Thank You..

— Judd G. ~ Kermit, TX

Great Stay!!!

— Stan K. ~ Brentwood, CA

You guys were awesome!

— Bob M. ~ Punta Gorda, FL

A trip I will never forget, and would like to try and bring my kids. Time of my life is all I can say…

— Thomas A. ~ Leander, TX

This was a great visit; attributable all to the great staff & their knowledge, courtesy and “client focus”! Thanks!!

— Hancock’s ~ Lizella, GA

As always first class operation after 30+ years.

— Steve B. ~ Orinda, CA

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