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We want to hear about it! You can share your experience by filling out the form on our contact page. We can't guarantee everyone's experience will be featured on the Sportsman's Cove website, however, if selected, we will let you know!Sharing your great experience here may be the deciding factor for someone else!

Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Had a wonderful time. Would love to return again!!

— Les Z. ~ North Branch, MN

Another wonderful trip. You do an outstanding job. Hope to see you in 2016.

— Ed & Susan P. ~ Houston, TX

This was a bucket list item. We made a good choice of coming to your Lodge. Was a very good time, especially with my 3 boys. Things could not be better.

— Lee G. ~ Federal Way, WA

There is a peace and rest in this cove that touches my soul. A quiet contentment. Gods beauty is ever so present in the tranquil place. I am ever so blessed to see this greta and awesome place that few men have ever seen.

— Tim B. ~ Montesano, WA

A great event, “Thanks”!

— Andrew B., Sydney, NSW

This was my first trip to Alaska and I’m afraid you may have spoiled me. My expectations are now going to be way too high if I fish any other parts of the state!

— Bill B., Carson City, NV

This is a top notch outfit, that strives for excellence. I feel like part of a family here. Thank you for the great time, I will pass on the experience to all those I meet in the future.

— Steve S., Eatonville, WA

Wow! We all loved our Captain and Deckhand – can’t say enough great things about our fishing experience!

— Lisa J., Olympia, WA

Once again an excellent job by everybody at the lodge. Our Captain and deckhand were just plain nice guys and most enjoyable.

— Mike P., Skillman, NJ

The enthusiasm is infectious!

— Kale A., Martinez, CA

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