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Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Every little need was attended to with great kindness. I actually felt loved everyday by our Captain and deckhand.

— Sue L., Kingsport, TN

This place is awesome! Everyone is fantastic…

— Bryan H., Grapevine, TX

My first time to this camp and I was blown away by how awesome everything and everybody was. Great trip, thanks for everything.

— Phil S., Coppell, TX

I’ve charter fished many times before, but this was a true experience. The staff was beyond compare. Fishing was phenomenal. I will remember this trip for the rest of my life and hopefully I can come every year!

— Anthony C., Seattle, WA

Great experience fishing with our Captain and deckhand. Two great guys, great knowledge and a lot of fun!! Awesome experience!! Three years now and the memories get better and better!!

— Dan L., Westminster, CO

The Chef was outstanding! Keep her…..

— Andrea H., Houston, TX

The bottom fishing trips were like having our own special charter! We had the BEST Capt! The best service and I hope you continue these trips for years to come.

— Sue H., Montgomery, AL

Wonderful place to stay! Would like to bring the kids..

— George S., Palm City, FL

We had a wonderful stay at the lodge and great fishing. It takes a village and you all do it like seasoned pros, as many of you are. Our Captain and Deck hand were awesome out on the water.  Our server in the dining room was amazing. The Chef had us eating like kings! We loved the Otter Shop and have been wearing our gear proudly! Thank you to everyone for your hard work, professionalism and dedication, what a wonderful time we had.

— Andrew J., Olympia, WA

We had an amazing trip. SCL is a well run operation with clearly a polished model and 150% attention to detail. I have traveled a lot and my kids are travel spoiled, but this is one of the “tightest operations” I’ve ever seen. I sense Capt. Mac has a deep commitment to excellence and it runs with “flight operations” perfection. My kids are hounding me to return next season.

— Kevin B., San Ramon, CA

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