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Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Y’all are the best – – thanks to the entire crew!

— Matt S., Palo Alto, CA

We had a blast on the bottom fishing trip – though I don’t think there is a time that we have come that we haven’t had fun.

— Sheri S., Scottsdale, AZ

Wow! They really know the area and get you on the fish and keep you on the fish. Great place. I will tell lots of people how killer it is here at Sportsman’s Cove Lodge ~ Alaska!!  

Alaska's Best Lodge
Sportsman’s Cove Lodge in Alaska


— Steele S., Alaska

Wonderful experience; will recommend to all my friends!

— Joe C., Alabama

We were at your lodge 20 years ago with great memories. This year was even better. Will never forget the overall experience. Our family members all agreed: it was “awesome”, like a National Geographic experience. Really great fishing!!!


National Geographic Style Scenery
Whale Tail
— Tom & Martha W., Pennsylvania

We saw lots of wildlife, beautiful country.

— Duffield & Wanner, Nevada

We are telling everyone that after you leave your luggage at the float plane and check in, all you have to do is pick up your cocktail glass, your fork and your fishing rod.

— George and Lori C., Washington

This fishing trip turned out to be a great father/daughter bonding experience. Thank you all.

Very nice people up here. Food was great.

— Eric & Kelsey M., Washington

These guys are the best!

— Scott, T., Indiana

Thank you so much for helping Jack to a wonderful experience at age 92! Loved the food and caught a halibut & a king salmon. 

— Muriel & Jack T., Washington

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