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Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Still a class act, been coming for 14 years!

— Don C., New York

Totally enjoyed our first visit!!  Wow!!!  What a great time with such wonderful people!!

— Ron & Lynn H., Texas

The view from our room was spectacular & the staff was perfect. We plan to visit again in a few years. ~

— Robin R., California

Our trip was so wonderful. I came home invigorated, satisfied, and filled with wonder. For a previous non-fisherman, it was a trip of a lifetime. Many, many thanks!

— Leslie M., Colorado

Our first trip was everything that was described and more. So well run and the attention to detail was apparent. Thank you for a great trip!

— Leslie S., Texas

One of  “if not the Best” lodges I’ve ever visited. Staff, Captains, Deckhands make the difference. I’ve stayed 20+ lodges in my life. Well Done!

— Todd B., Texas

My sincere thanks for an unforgettable fishing trip!! The SCL is truly a hidden gem of Alaska. Magnificent scenery, an abundant array of wildlife, and hospitality that rivals any Ritz Carlton. I’ll never forget my first catch being a King Salmon. This has truly been a “Bucket List” event for me and I want to thank everyone involved.

— Emery P., Ohio

If it weren’t for great people like the awesome lodge team… there wouldn’t be grateful people like us!

— Scott & Lori H., Washington

I will recommend the lodge to the company where my son works – they give their sales team  “incentive trips” every quarter. They’d love it up here!

— Kim A., Australia

I love the lodge. If there is ever a need for a volunteer, not a job, I would like to get in line! Lovely experience, great people

— Dorothy S., Tennessee

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