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Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

I have told others that Heaven may not be nicer than here….

— Mike H., Texas

I have been to 3 lodges in the area and yours was the best experience yet. I would by far recommend repeat visits to this lodge. Thank you for a wonderful time.

— Melody McA., Alaska

Great Captain and Deckhand!!! Made for a wonderful trip

— William C., So. Carolina

Great Crew! Captain & deckhand were extremely knowledgeable and personable.

— Bill & Jackie P., Alaska

First Class, Outstanding, WOW!

— Court O., Colorado

Excellent all around!

— Larry & Leslie G., New Mexico

Don’t know how it gets any better.  They went above expectations….

— David C., Texas

Don’t have any idea of anything that I could suggest for improvement of our experience. Only Alaskan fishing experience I have had. But I could not imagine a better trip. I’m just sorry it took me 66 years for the first trip – the next will be considerably sooner.


— Ross, Mississippi

Deckhand moved around the boat great, very knowledgeable of types & quantity of fish. Captain was great, put us on fish and was a great guy.

— Larry N., South Carolina

Compared to Waterfall, Above in all categories!

— Ed W., Washington

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