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Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Continue the great job you are doing!

— Luay A., Rio Rancho, NM

Very nice place and very friendly people. Loved my stay – Thank you!

— Irv R., Lake Tapps, WA

Captain Mac, you have an awesome lodge!

— Gurinder G., Novi, MI

A world class fishing experience!

— Bob B., Painesville, OH


— Don D., Hayden, ID

This was a great trip, we will return and we will recommend you.

— John McV., Jackson, MS

My third time here and I look for ideas to help you, but you are perfect the way you are!

— Chuck B., Alamo, CA

Thank you so much for an amazing vacation. We saw whales, sea lions, eagles and pristine wilderness.

— Kristin L., Englewood, CO

I now know why you are rated one of the top 10 lodges in North America. You are the best!

— Mary K. V., Pelican Lake, WI

Very much enjoyed the trip. Great fishing and staff made me feel right at home.

— Mike P., Minnetrista, MN

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