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We want to hear about it! You can share your experience by filling out the form on our contact page. We can't guarantee everyone's experience will be featured on the Sportsman's Cove website, however, if selected, we will let you know!Sharing your great experience here may be the deciding factor for someone else!

Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Thanks for a great time!

— Bob K., Phoenix, AZ

Looking forward to coming back with friends and family.

— Adao G., Sugarland, TX

Again you have a great lodge. Excellent staff and service. I will talk to my friends about the great time here at your lodge, plus my Marine buddies!

— Gene W., Garden Grove, CA

The total experience is as represented by the brochures, etc., in every regard. Friendly, welcoming and accommodative in every respect. And we’ve met great people with whom we’ve developed a great rapport in a short period of time.

— Pete and Debbie, K., Brentwood, TN

Very well organized operation, a pleasurable experience. Well done.

— Laddie S., Riverside, CA

Just a plug for Fed Ex. It worked perfect and arrived in up state NY on time on the date promised. It is one of the best services you offer.

— Unknown

This is an area the lodge & staff excel in. Fish stays good for a long time at home. Very few bones, nice size pieces. We loved our visit again and introducing our son and daughter in law. You do a very good job! We will be back!

— Rick C., Seattle, WA

Great trip with wonderful care and feeding. The fishing was great and the catching very good. Keep up the great work!

— Lee H., Seguin, TX

As always we had a great time, we will be back next year!

— Jim S., Medina, WA

Enjoyed it very much! Food, Fun and Fish – what more could you ask for! Thanks!

— Dave S., Costa Mesa, CA

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