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Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

The staff and crew were wonderful people and took great care of us. They knew exactly what we liked after the first day and made sure everything went well for us.

— Bedell F., Lexington, KY

I think everyone at the lodge goes out of their way to accommodate all the guests. We love the way we are treated. This is a very special place. Nothing but First Class!

— Polly H., Lexington, KY

You have a special niche’ in the market, we want to come back!

— Doug and Carolyn S., San Diego, CA

First Class Operation! Nice people – great service.

— Pat McC., Spokane, WA

The guys were great. Personable and knowledgeable. First charter captain I’ve known who was open to suggestions. Best gear I’ve seen on a charter.

— John W., Copalis Beach, WA

We had an 8 hour car ride home from the airport, our fish was as solid as a rock when we arrived.

— Judy W., Grants Pass, OR

Best trip yet.

— Ron W., Sr., Grants Pass, OR

Outstanding Fishing and Service.

— Ron W., Encinitas, CA

Wonderful service & food.

— Carla W., Encinitas, CA

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