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We want to hear about it! You can share your experience by filling out the form on our contact page. We can't guarantee everyone's experience will be featured on the Sportsman's Cove website, however, if selected, we will let you know!Sharing your great experience here may be the deciding factor for someone else!

Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Absolutely fantastic, we will be back.

— Ryan S., Draper, UT

It was a fantastic trip our family has enjoyed. I am glad I was able to experience. Staff was incredible.

— Rob O., New Orleans, LA

I have been coming to the Lodge for 10 years, 20 plus trips. It’s great fun and you leave refreshed.

— Vic E., Glendale, AZ

Nearly every aspect of the trip was exceptional!!! Thanks again for everything… PS, all of our catch is delicious!!

— Dyna M., ~ Wayne, PA

This was my first experience with a fishing lodge and after my first time here, I know that I wouldn’t go anywhere else. From start to finish, everyone made this a great experience and I am hoping to come back soon.

— Megan S., Irvine, CA

I have been fortunate to fish at the lodge the past 6 years. It never gets old and Capt. Mac and team always over deliver. What a great experience, love the entire team!! Thanks for being the best!!

— Cliff W., Thornton, CO

This was a special trip for Dad and I. It couldn’t have been better. I had a great time and my expectations were exceeded. We plan to return in the future with some of my friends and their fathers.

— Kevin B., Conroe, TX

This is my second trip in a row. I plan to bring my son back again plus his two boys!

— James S., Idaho Falls, ID

This was a trip of a lifetime, so much fun and such great people!!

— Daniel M., Hydesville, CA

This was my first time here and will definitely return.

— Bud W., Mill Creek, CA

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