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We want to hear about it! You can share your experience by filling out the form on our contact page. We can't guarantee everyone's experience will be featured on the Sportsman's Cove website, however, if selected, we will let you know!Sharing your great experience here may be the deciding factor for someone else!

Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Everyone and everything at SCL was terrific. This was truly a great vacation. The fishing could not have been any better. I will definitely be back, it is just a matter of when!

— Peter D., Shrewsbury, MA

The experience was amazing. There isn’t anything you can do better. Everything was so well organized. The best vacation ever and I can’t wait to come back next summer.

— Linda P., Spring Hill, FL

Overall it was an awesome experience. The lodge, skipper and deckhand did an excellent job. Everyone was great.

— Randy L., Stephenville, TX

Had a great time. Very well organized and well run. Appreciative of the staff that all seemed very cordial and passionate about what they do.

— Larry S., Edmonds, WA

I have fished South, Central and North America. SCL is by far one of the best for fishing, meals, accommodations and an excellent staff that provides world class customer service. Thanks again for an awesome experience.

— Curtis G., Tucson, AZ

It’s just that. A life time experience with fish.

— Keith P., Edmonds, WA

Love this place. Above the top Lodge.

— Ben W., Brawley, CA

Wonderful!! Just Wonderful!

— Rick S. , Centralia, WA

The positive, friendly attitude of the staff, crew and other guests raised this well beyond just a “fishing trip”. It was a life experience.

— Cindy H. Elmhurst, IL

I want to share my experience; A perfect combination of hospitality, kindness and professionalism. I have not been able to make it back for sever years due to family health issues, but my experiences at Sportsman’s Cove have provided fond memories that will last until I can return. Thanks Captain Mac and team for a truly remarkable experience!

— Chris F ~ Virginia

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