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Here's What People are Saying about Alaska's Best Lodge!

Staff Loves their jobs and who they work for!

— Billy B. ~ Albuquerque, NM

We felt like part of the Cove Family, which went along way in making my vacation that much more enjoyable!

— David S. ~ Mission Viejo, CA

The boats and the facility are in outstanding condition. These young adults are wonderful and a help to people.

— Dennis F. ~ Roseville, CA

Great!!!!  An overall very memorable, enjoyable experience.

— Bill D. ~ Ramona, CA

All-Star for sure….

— Bill K. ~ Palm Harbor, FL

Great place. 5-Star all the way around. Will only come back here….

— Ron K. ~ Virginia Beach, VA

I have been a guest of several Alaskan fishing lodges in the past 35 years, and have never seen the great amount of care and helpfulness that you all gave your guests.

— Duain C. ~ Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for making my first visit to Alaska a memorable one.

— Todd S. ~ Colorado Springs, CO

Your are the cream of the crop. I would never consider going with any other group. You are my first and only love of fishing.

— Barry & Pam G. ~ Denver, CO

This trip is just good for the soul!

— Dave & Dan S. ~ Santa Ana & Costa Mesa, CA

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