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World Class Fishing

All in a Days Work!

Prince of Wales Island is a famous hotbed for salmon and halibut. In Southeast Alaska, more fish are caught per license than anywhere else and the catch limits are generous. When you make your reservation, you are automatically entered into our Calm Water Derby or Wild Coho Derby, whichever is going on during your stay.

Your deckhand will fillet your catch, and it will be vacuum-packed and flash-frozen for extra freshness. Your fish is then placed in heavy-duty wax-coated boxes so you can check it as baggage. You will also have the luxury of choosing to have some of your fish smoked with our superb recipes.

Primary targets are King (Chinook) Salmon, Coho (Silver) Salmon, and Halibut. You also may hook Chum (Dog) Salmon, Pink  (“Humpy”) Salmon, Ling Cod, Yellow Eye, and our personal favorite, the True Cod.

Local Fish Chart

Sportsman's Cove Lodge Fish Chart - 2012
Sportsman’s Cove Lodge Fish Chart – 2012

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