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City of Ketchikan, Alaska

Nestled between mountains and ocean and near the majestic Misty Fjords National Wilderness monument, Ketchikan offers visitors a wide variety of activities to enjoy.

Ketchikan, Alaska, is truly the beginning of the last frontier. Surrounded by mountains, water and a 17 million acre forest. It is best known for three things: feisty salmon, scenery, and Alaska Native culture. It was originally established as fish camps for the Tongass and Cape Fox Tlingit Indians. Ketchikan is now a thriving town of 14,000, where commercial fishing and tourism are the city’s major industries. It is known as “The Salmon Capital of the World.” It provides opportunities for visitors to catch and/or otherwise enjoy the best seafood on the planet.

As the rainiest city in the Tongass National Forest, this city receives an average of 13.5 ft of precipitation annually! Ketchikan is the first stop for most cruise ships and is known as the “The Gateway to Alaska” as well as “Alaska’s First City”.

The Tongass Rainforest provides red cedar logs for totem poles. As well as, cedar bark and spruce roots used in traditional basket weaving. Ketchikan offers museum collections, and totem parks that showcase both ancient and contemporary work. In addition to having the largest collection of Totem Poles, this vibrant community has been listed in the “Top 100 Small Arts Communities” in the United States. The arts in Ketchian is not limited to just Native arts, residents participate in the Ketchikan’s art scene that creates a wide spectrum of visual and performing arts. Staying in Ketchikan an extra day? Our in-house travel agent Linda is available to help you arrange accommodations and tours.

Visit Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau for more information

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