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Fishing Events

Fishing Event: Calm Water Derby — June 25th – September 7th, 2016

In our  fishing event, we will award the 1st and 2nd place for each division (Silver (Coho), Halibut and King) with each winner receiving a jacket with the appropriate branding of the derby and their name.

  • 1st place winner in each division will receive a FREE 4-day trip back to the lodge
  • 2nd place winner in each division will receive a FREE 3-day trip back to the lodge

Trips won must be taken the following year after winning the fishing event. The trips can be booked for July, August or September of the following year. There is no cash value for these prizes, and the trips are non-transferable. If you are fishing at our Lodge, during the normal season on a paid trip, you are eligible!

General Information

  • Leader board on the dock
  • Daily winners on the daily board in the dining room
  • Complimentary food and drink on the dock each day (weather permitting)
  • During Season watch our Facebook page for updates to the Leader board and daily fishing photos.

The Calm Water Derby 2017 Results (Click photos to enlarge)

Coho Division
1st Place - Coho Division

1st Place — Scott W. (14.0 lbs.)

2nd Place - Coho Division

2nd Place — Mark W. (13.6 lbs.)

Halibut Division
1st Place - Halibut Division

1st Place — Keith B. (139.4 lbs.)

2nd Place - Halibut Division

2nd Place — Julie T. (49.3 lbs.)

King Division
1st Place - King Division

1st Place — Jerry B. (55.5 lbs.)

2nd Place - King Division

2nd Place — Chuck L. (40.4 lbs.)

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