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Custom Fishing Boats

Our boats are the safest and most spacious available. You’ll spend the majority of your fishing vacation aboard your boat, so it makes sense to maximize your comfort and safety. Our claim to fame is bigger, more comfortable, and safer boats. Owner Larry McQuarrie spent years designing our 37′ spacious walk-around sport fishing boats and has them custom-built just for Sportsman’s Cove Lodge. Each boat has a warm comfortable cabin, a clean sanitary head, and the latest in navigational electronics. A party of six can enjoy a boat all to themselves.

Foxy Lady Crew with their Catch
Foxy Lady Crew with their Catch

Our Custom Fishing Boats

  • 37 feet long
  • 11 feet wide
  • Cruise speed: 20 - 25 mph
  • 15 feet per guest
  • 140 square feet
  • Warm cabin with oil burning furnace/stove, private restroom, dinette with cushy seating, Yacht-like experience
  • Safe, dependable diesel engines designed for heavy use
  • Master Mariner Captains & Deckhand

The Ordinary Boat

  • 18 - 26 feet long
  • 8 feet wide
  • 25 - 35 mph
  • 5 feet per guest
  • 32 - 48 square feet
  • No stove, port-a-potty (or bleach bottle)
  • Unreliable gas outboard motors not intended for commercial use
  • No deckhand. Guide is often merely a OUPV (Operator of Un-inspected Passenger Vehicle)

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